Monday, October 15, 2018

Recent Sculptures

Below are some recent sculptures by Danja Derkenne

Bone Cart 3

Sailing to Byzantium

Fish bones

Bone Cart II

Bone Cart III

Bone Cart IV

Boat Cart I

Boat Cart II

Boat Carts

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

In the Studio

This one of a series of works I have thought of as Sailing in the Antipodes. This one seems very melancholy.
Many layers of mixed media, water colour, oil sticks, resist.
Here are the weird little men, casting shadows on the NAS courtyard wall. They've had quite a journey of their own. I thought of them as explorers, originally on a boat. They developed themselves cutting freely with a plasma cutter, one of my favourite pieces of equipment, drawing in steel.  Then they languished under my table for many months, going nowhere. Also under my desk was the last few loops of a large coil of rusty wire. Random thought, connect the two, so now the weird little men are trapped in a loop, called 'Searching for the Delta'.

The rusty patina is a commercial patination added to dry, clean steel. Left alone for a week it developed into a richly hued and textured surface. Finished with a matte treatment to stabilise. 

Ghostwater Exhibition December 5